Don’t Dig – Go Trenchless

We renew your sewer by inserting a one-piece, joint-less, seamless sewer liner. The liner is comprised of a resin soaked felt that is inverted using air pressure. Once the liner is fully inverted we steam “or cook” the liner. Depending on the liner size this can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours. For more information about trenchless technology please visit our producer’s website.

What Is CIPP?

Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) renews sewer infrastructure without the need for traditional excavation, which preserves existing landscaping and roads while providing a safer, faster response than dig and replace and a more cost-effective solution for the owner.

What Is a T-Liner

T-Liner is a one-piece, cured-in-place main to lateral connection liner, designed and manufactured by LMK Technologies. The T-Liner is an engineered solution that utilizes gasket sealing technology to create a verifiable, non-leaking, structural connection. T-Liner is the only system compliant with ASTM F2561-11.

  • Renews laterals up to 200 feet in one continuous installation.
  • Per ASTM F1216 calculations, T-Liner provides a minimum 50 year design life, and by use of the hydrophilic gaskets, the service life is equal to 50 plus years.
  • Utilizes swelling gasket sealing technology to reduce Inflow & Infiltration (I&I).
  • Full-circle design at the main to lateral connection creates a fully structural new pipe within a pipe.
  • MBI Pipelining Services have installed over 6,000 lateral liners in the past 8 years.