Products and Trenchless Solutions

MBI is a leading installer in products manufactured and patented by LMK technologies. As as an LMK installer we are passionate about providing the best product for sub grade rehabilitation of pipes and manholes. By applying hydrophilic bands to our liners we are able to create a water tight seal that reduces root intrusion and produces significant deduction in I&I. 

  • Full Mainline Wrap T-Liner

    Compliant with the ASTM 2561 Standard for lateral lining

  • Mainline Segment Liners

    Trenchless mainline spot repair

  • Shorty T-Liner

    T-Liner wrap without having  upstream access to the lateral

  • Vac-A-Tee

    A non invasive temporary access point that allows efficient installation of the lateral liner.

  • T Liner

  • Mainline Segment Liner

  • Vac-A-Tee